Slam Poetry..!

This was one of the topics covered in the MATLUPB class, I feel that it has been one of the activities developed in class that most caught my attention and which I enjoyed doing it, so I decided to talk about it. It is here where we use our creativity to carry out the slam poetry, in a mix of poetry and our own creativity which allows us to use our voice, images, text and imagination in the creation of what is our own work of scenic art, In addition to using technological means which not only allow us to develop this activity but also to share it on audio and video platforms such as Youtobe in which people can access and view our content. Also becoming an excellent didactic tool that we can approach and work not only as teachers in training but with our students in class, I think that here the use of tools such as Adobe Spark makes the activity a very interesting interactive one that I did not know and that now I do not think I forget that for me it will be one of the most interesting training and learning activities in the class. In addition, we must bear in mind that In addition, it is recognized that it is not enough to provide access to technology for a student the significant development of knowledge and skills based on technology is important for all students, in order to avoid a phenomenon known as the ‘ second-level digital divide ‘, whereby people have drastically differentiated skills, which in turn influence the way people participate in society (OECD, 2010).

As teachers we must recognize that digital learning resources support information processing by helping students develop mental representations through the combination of multimedia elements that are presented. Digital learning resources also include content and sometimes learning activities. They combine multimedia elements including text, image, video, and audio to present information. Research on multimedia learning has shown more positive results for students who learn from resources that combine words and pictures effectively, rather than those that only include words (Mayer, 2008).



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